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G&T founder Ian Symes with Pree actress Rebecca Blackstone

Ganymede & Titan is a prominent Red Dwarf fan site, its slogan being "Ain't no place in the whole of cyberspace", which are all references to the song "Lunar City Seven" that was sung by Dave Lister several times in Series I.

It has on occasion been presented independent Dwarf news, such as an interview with Doug Naylor before Back to Earth was released, and is usually a popular source for commentary.

Its commentary and coverage has included various new products from the 2000s onward, such as the Series DVDs, The Bodysnatcher Collection, the Red Christmas mobile special, and the most notable case being the Back to Earth specials and subsequent series produced by Dave. They have also done their best to keep fans posted on the goings on of the various Dimension Jump conventions.

In 2011 they released The Garbage Pod, a compendium of some of their best articles, profanity included, from 2003 onward. It was published by the free publishing service Lulu and reputably purchased by Doug Naylor; who also mentioned the site in his director's commentary for Back to Earth.

In 2012 it marked its tenth anniversary with a site upgrade, switching its core engine to Wordpress. Another major upgrade occurred in April 2020, just prior to the airing of The Promised Land.

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