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Golf is a sport in which competing players use clubs to hit balls into a series of holes across a course. Golf was one of the games that the boys from Red Dwarf played often, along with poker.

Dave Lister had lost his virginity on a golf course when he was twelve years old, at Bootle Municipal Golf Course. ("Marooned", Series III)

Notable Appearances

Dave Lister and Cat play golf in B.T.L. ("Better Than Life", Series II)

Whilst in the digital world of Better Than Life, Dave Lister and Cat enjoyed a game of golf across a traditional and idyllic golf course. However, Lister got inebriated on banana bombs supplied by the Better Than Life Guide. Cat struggled to understand the rules of the golf, and threw his club across the course repeatedly whilst spinning around instead of using the club to hit the ball. Cat also met his girlfriend Miranda, who emerged from a lake on the golf course, making Marilyn Monroe jealous as she had been spurned by Cat. ("Better Than Life", Series II)

Kryten described golf as an important male activity. ("Quarantine", Series V)

Playing golf on Traga 16 ("Blue", Series VII)

When Arnold Rimmer had temporarily left the Dwarfers, Lister found himself unexpectedly missing him. Lister endeavored to jettison some old cargo from the rear section of Starbug, including some of Rimmer's old gear. This included a set of gold clubs, which caused Lister to reminisce about when they had took a space walk on Traga 16 and played a game of golf there. In the flashback, it is shown that Rimmer teed off but his ball went right around the planetoid. Lister found the gold ball and hid it from Rimmer, meaning that Rimmer lost their 50 DollarPound bet. ("Blue", Series VII)

Lister described going to toilet in The Tank as similar to golf - I concentrate on my grip, keep my eye on the ball and try not to veer off to the side. ("Cassandra", Series VIII)

Cat built a new and inventive golf course in the Medi-Bay. ("Lemons", Series X)

When Hogey the Roguey came aboard Red Dwarf and offered the Dwarfers a challenge, the Dwarfers offered Hogey a game of crazy golf in the botanical gardens. ("The Beginning", Series X)

Cat later mentioned his dislike for golf. ("Cured", Series XII)

Kryten later gave an example to how he had broken his programming and was able to lie by calling a pen and calling it a pair of golfing slacks. ("Siliconia", Series XII)


Series I VHS artwork

  • The Dwarfers playing golf on a barren planetoid in their space suits appeared as artwork on an early VHS release of Series I.

Behind the Scenes

  • When filming the golf scenes for "Better Than Life", Craig Charles repeatedly missed the golf ball, making for one of the more notable bloopers of Series II. The failed takes have been included in a number of "smeg ups" compilations.

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