Tongue Tied

Kryten with his groinal attachment

Safety Notice - courtesy of Squirminator 2K

The Groinal Attachment was an accessory for various duties used by Series 4000 mechanoids.

Groinal attachments could also be used for simulated sex by humans whilst inside adult artificial reality games. Lister wore his out in three weeks, even though it had a lifetime guarantee. ("Gunmen of the Apocalypse")


On mechanoids, this item appeared as a long tube attached to the groinal socket of the mechanoid. It could have a vacuum cleaner, egg whisk, hedge trimmer, buzzsaw or power drill attached to it (and, it is implied, other attachments).

The artificial reality sex attachment appeared simply as a box around the groin area.


Kryten and Lister play the Camelot Game; Lister is mid-coitus with the Queen using a groinal attachment ("Stoke Me a Clipper", Series VII)

In its first appearance, only the vacuum cleaner attachment was shown. Kryten used his to clean the sleeping quarters.("Polymorph")

The egg whisk was used to stir Lister and Cat's tea aboard Starbug when Kryten's behaviour protocols had been deactivated. He did not realise just how inappropriate this appeared. ("Tikka to Ride")

Lister once wondered if the length of the attachment was a reference to the endowment of John Warburton, on whom the 4000 Series was based. ("Beyond a Joke")

The groinal attachment's whisk was used in the Red Dwarf based episode of Can't Cook, Won't Cook with host Ainsley Harriott called Can't Smeg, Won't Smeg

Background Information

In the "making of" video of "Polymorph" contained on the second disc of the Series III DVD, the vacuum attachment is described as being more rude if it had been placed at any other point on the body.

In Series VIII, Kryten is classified as a woman due to a lack of genitalia, distressing him to the point of building an artificial penis called Archie. Evidently, the staff of The Tank never observed Kryten vacuuming...