Tongue Tied

Channel 27 News

Groovy Channel 27 is a fictional television channel in the Red Dwarf universe. It was evidently aimed at kitsch and popular culture, with an off-beat and irreverent vibe.

Recordings of it are often watched three million years later by the boys from the Dwarf, when they periodically arrive in the post pods still tracking the ship.


Rimmer was upset about being dead, and a hologram, and asked Lister when he had last seen a famous hologram. Lister responded that Channel 27 had a dead, holographic newsreader, which Rimmer dismissed as being typical of "Groovy Funky Channel 27". (RD: Future Echoes)

The channel produced shows such as Androids, a badly made soap opera loosely based on the real-life Australian show Neighbors. Androids was aimed at mechanoids and the favorite show of Kryten, which Lister later used an example to something that made Kryten happy when trying to get him to break his programming and rebel against Rimmer. (RD: Kryten)

Rimmer saw the Channel 27 holographic newsreader when he watched recordings of her reports on video. She reported that a Biblical preface had been found that read "all events and individuals depicted in this book are fictitious..." (RD: Better Than Life)

When Lister was trapped on an asteroid with Psirens fighting over his brains, one of them appeared as "the TV weathergirl from Channel 27." When Rimmer demanded Lister get a hurry on back to Starbug, Lister replied that he wouldn't as he "couldn't see what she doing with her pointy stick." (RD: Psirens)

Another channel which exists in the Red Dwarf universe is the automated, mail-order shopping channel All Droid, which is still being broadcast and operated by robots three million years into the future. (RD: Trojan)