The Red Dwarf Ground Controllers

The JMC Ground Controllers were Red Dwarf crew members whose duty was to regulate and authorise shuttle traffic to and from the Red Dwarf shuttle bays. The Ground Controllers wore smart dark blue uniforms, with head sets and monitors to communicate with the shuttles.

Like all the Red Dwarf crew except Dave Lister, they perished in the radiation leak, and then resurrected by Kryten's nanobots three million years later.



Impressed by the Cat's dance routine with Blue Midget

The Ground Controllers are later seen in an AR simulation when Dave Lister, Kryten, Kristine Kochanski and the Cat make it, or rather, they think they have made it, to a landing bay where they sneak aboard Blue Midget 3, with the intention of escaping Red Dwarf and incarceration in the Tank. However one of the more attractive controllers tells the Cat he needs clearance, who is pretending to be Duane Dibbley at the time to aid in their escape. In order to prove that he is capable of handling the ship, as well as impressing the woman, he begins an impromptu dance routine with Blue Midget as his coordinated dancing partner. Amazingly, this ploy works and the flight controller agrees to a date with the Cat who is more than ready to stay behind and get ready before Lister forces them to leave.


Come back Mr Sucks!

When the gang believe that they had broken free of the AR simulation, they repeat the same process, but Cat is disappointed to see that the "real" Ground Controller he seduced earlier is actually much older and more matronly, telling her that "reality sucks" when she asks for his name.

As Blue Midget shoots off, she begs "Mr Sucks" to come back. ("Back in the Red: Part III", Series VIII)

Notable Ground-Controllers

First Ground-Controller

Second Ground-Controller

Behind the Scenes

Miscellaneous unaccredited Ground-Controllers played by:

  • Joanne Gainsley
  • Nic Goodey
  • Jeremy Goodson
  • Jason McLeod
  • Louise Scott
  • Brian Watts