Tongue Tied

Loved by Rimmer, hated by the rest of the Boys from the Dwarf

"I'd rather listen to something slightly more melodious - like the long drawn-out death rattle of a man suffering from terminal flatulence" -
Dave Lister on the subject of Hammond organ music

The Hammond Organ is an archaic musical instrument from 20th cnetury Earth favoured by Arnold Rimmer, in contrast to Dave Lister who prefers his guitar, Rastabilly Skank and the Om Song.


Rimmer was a fan of Hammond organ music, especially the works of Reggie Wilson. He often played recordings of Hammond work for himself and offered to do so for the rest of the dwarfers. They vociferously did not share his enthusiasm.

Rimmer explained to Lister that Camille was as big a fan of Reggie Wilson as he was. Lister was surprised when she told him that Hammond organ music was mindless pap, but Rimmer still heard her say it was wonderful. ("Camille")

Rimmer had once served as the treasurer of the Hammond Organ Owner's Society. He sometimes regaled his colleagues with anecdotes about his tenure, but they never laughed. ("Dimension Jump")

When Rimmer insisted on joining the others on their fishing holiday, he brought along his Hammond CDs. These included "Reggie Wilson plays the lift music classics", "Sounds of the supermarket - twenty shopping greats", "Pop goes Delius" and "Funking up Wagner". The Cat found himself contemplating suicide rather than listen to Wilson's work. ("Dimension Jump")

There was even a Hammond organ aboard Red Dwarf, which Rimmer had taught the Skutters to play. He held regular weekly recital nights, where the Skutters performed works of music for the entertainment of those willing to attend, i.e. Rimmer. ("Dimension Jump")

When Rimmer forced the others into Bay 47 for three months, he made them to listen a perpetually-looped tape of "Reggie Dixon's Tango Treats". ("Quarantine")

When Red Dwarf was triplicated and split into good and bad versions, the sleeping quarters of the "Low" Dwarf contained some truly atrocious music CDs. These included "Hammond Heaven". ("Demons & Angels"

A Hammond Organ fanfare was the "national anthem" of Rimmerworld. ("Rimmerworld" deleted scenes)

Lister later compared the eerie tones of non-space, an abyss where time did not exist, to Rimmer's Hammond recital nights. ("Ouroboros")

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