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Hey Baby, Don't Be Ovulating Tonight is a love song in the Red Dwarf universe, first mentioned in the novels and later making an appearance in the television series.



This is one of the songs played in the The CopaCabana Hawaiian Cocktail Bar aboard Red Dwarf, along with "Press Your Lumps Against Mine". (Infinity Welcomes Careful Drivers)

Television Series

Lister forces Cat and Rimmer to join in singing the song ("Siliconia", Series XII)

Dave Lister begins to play the opening lines of this "classic" song on his recently-found guitar, just as Kryten says that he is going to a soundproof airlock on B Deck to escape Lister's guitar playing. ("Siliconia", Series XII)

Soon after, Lister forced Arnold Rimmer and Cat to dance and sing along to the song against their will as he played it on guitar. They couldn't refuse, since they were still under the effects of previously being turned into mechanoids and being programmed to obey. ("Siliconia" deleted scenes)


I know we've been debatin'
Bout doing us some matin'
Just don't be ovulatin' tonight
Don't mind you keep me waitin'
Don't mind you figure skatin'
Just don't be ovulatin' tonight
Don't mind you decoratin'
Don't mind you emigratin'
But don't be ovulatin' tonight
Don't be ovulatin' tonight
[Chorus repeats]