Tongue Tied

High Cat was a version of The Cat created by the triplicator.

High Cat on right

He inhabited a copy of Red Dwarf where everything was perfect. This version of the felinoid had all of his negative aspects removed. He met his original counterpart in one of the ship's corridors. The High Cat wore only a hooded robe and sandals. He had a thin strip of beard under his mouth and a yin-yang symbol on his forehead.

The Cat refused to believe that his higher self was in any way derived from his own personality, explaining that no part of him would be seen alive in sandals. High Cat stated that he found clothes a distraction from the pursuit of spiritual and intellectual fulfillment. His original self held the opposite view, that such fulfillment distracted him from the pursuit of clothes. 

He later performed an interpretive dance for his colleagues entertainment, portraying the embodiment of "Truth". He danced and juggled scarves to music.

When the two crews boarded the "Low" Red Dwarf, he tried to tell the Low crew that their weapons were faulty because they had "accidently" shot Kryten five times. When he was also shot, it just proved to him that he was correct. He was blown up and killed by a grenade thrown at his feet by the Lows, which he thought was a welcome present. (RD: Demons & Angels)