Tongue Tied

High Kryten

High Kryten was a version of Kryten created by the Triplicator.

He inhabited a copy of Red Dwarf where everything was perfect. This version of the mechanoid had all of his negative aspects removed. He wore a hooded robe and had a piece of jewellery in the centre of his forehead

He played the triangle during an evening of musical entertainment for the original crew. He also promised haiku readings, poetry recitals and musings on the inner soul before he was interrupted by a distress call.

He was an overly trusting person. This was shown when he attempted to render help to and got shot by the Low crew, being sure that their guns were going off accidentally. When the Lows threw a grenade at his feet, he thought it was a greeting gift before it blew him to smithereens. (RD: Demons & Angels)