The Homo sapienoids are an unseen cyborg race that would have been the main antagonists in the unproduced Red Dwarf movie.

History in the movie script

The scripts for the unproduced movie describes them as being broadly similar to the Rogue Simulants of the television series, or the Agonoids of the novels, although less robotic and more human, and they were to have to a deeper connection to the boys from the Dwarf. Instead of being originally created as soldiers like Simulants or Agonoids, the Homo sapienoids were evolved from the human race.

The Homo sapienoids were installed with a chip used in Kryten's programming. Kryten and the crew of Red Dwarf would have journeyed back in time to Earth, loose Kryten then find Kryten on the abandoned ship where they first found him. This means that the only way to defeat these creatures is not to return to Earth. This would force the team to join forces with their past selves to save the timeline and the galaxy.