Tongue Tied

A Kinitawowi battle cruiser chases Starbug sown to the ice planet surface

An unnamed, barren ice planetoid in Deep Space was the scene of dramatic chase between Starbug and a Kinitawowi battle cruiser.


When the Dwarfers encountered a Dimensional Tear, they entered it to find alternate versions of themselves from another dimension, including a version of Kristine Kochanski who was still alive. However, a Kinitawowi attack ship appeared which had been chasing Dave Lister - provoked at his earlier abandonment of his GELF bride - and severed the linkway through non-space, causing Kochanski to become stranded in the wrong side with the Dwarfers.


Starbug then fled the Dimensional Tear into normal space, chased by the Kinitawowi cruiser. With the help of Kochanski, a veteran Navigation Officer, the Dwarfers came up with a plan. Kochanski asked the Cat to follow her cords, which she then had explain meant co-ordinates and not clothes.

The cruiser crashes

The Dwarfers flew Starbug dangerously close to the surface of a nearby icy planetoid, and when the GELF cruiser got too close, they pulled up at the last possible second. The Kinitawowi cruiser clipped the snow, causing it to crash violently onto the surface.

Kochanski looked smug, whilst the Cat said that "Officer Bud Babe" was quite snazzy. ("Ouroboros", Series VII)

Behind the scenes

  • The model set of the ice planet surface, as well as the CGI overview of the planet from space, is identical to the astro-glacier seen in a later episode of Series VII, "Epideme". This was not the original intention, as the astro-glacier was meant to look like an "ice-berg in space", but Doug Naylor was not happy with the look of the astro-glacier model.