Tongue Tied

A young Arnold Rimmer in Io House, wearing over-starched pajamas and nocturnal boxing gloves (Timeslides, Series III)

The closest habitation dome is presumably where Io House is Located (The Beginning, Series X)

Io House was an English boarding school located on Io at some point in the mid-22nd century. It was here that Arnold Rimmer was educated in his youth.

Rimmer spent several years at Io House. His schoolmates included Fred Holden and Porky Roebuck. Rimmer was considered extremely wet and weird by his teachers, especially Bull Heinman, the gym teacher (Better Than Life). He took great delight in tormenting Rimmer, who captained the school skipping team (RD: Back in the Red II). Rimmer was made to take extra rugby practice to overcome his wetness (RD: Timeslides).

Rimmer was also unpopular with his schoolmates, who refused to call him by his self-appointed nickname, "Ace". They instead referred to him as "Bonehead" (RD: Kryten, RD: Timeslides, RD: Dimension Jump). Rimmer considered Io House to be an awful school, blaming it in part for his lack of success in later life (RD: Dimension Jump). His torment lead him to be enrolled at Saint Trembles, a place of low expectations and participation medals. This still seemingly failed to boost his confidence ("Timewave").

Rimmer also later attended university at Io Polytechnic, being forced to live under the torment of his social father, who was the school's sociology lecturer, who used Rimmer as a guinea pig is classroom experiments. ("The Beginning")

He later travelled back in time to his old school dormitory to make his younger self rich with the idea for the Tension Sheet, but gave Holden the idea instead (RD: Timeslides). When confronted with the reality of Ace Rimmer, Arnold assumed that "he got to go to some really great school, while I was lumbered with Io House.".

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