Tongue Tied

A timeslide of Frank Rimmer's wedding ("Timeslides")

Arnold's 'perfect mate', who resembles Janine ("Camille")

Janine Rimmer was the sister-in-law of Red Dwarf vending machine repairman Arnold Rimmer and a secret object of his desires.

Janine married Arnold's maternal brother Frank Rimmer, at the time of the marriage a successful and high-flying officer in the Space Corps. Arnold was secretly jealous of the marriage and even three million years later still held Janine up as his ideal woman.

Television Series

Although Janine was not mentioned by name, the marriage between Frank Rimmer and Janine was shown, which Dave Lister interrupted using a timeslide. Frank got annoyed at Lister for gatecrashing the wedding, repeatedly punching Lister in the stomach after asking him to leave. ("Timeslides").

Janine was later mentioned by name by Arnold when he said that his sister-in-law was a model. When Arnold encountered his perfect mate in Camille, Rimmer saw a hologram like himself. His 'perfect mate' had an uncanny resemblance to Janine. ("Camille")


In the Red Dwarf novel Better Than Life, Rimmer married Janine in his own digital fantasy, much to the jealousy of Frank. In the Total Immersion Video Game Janine was Brazilian instead of French, and was named Juanita Chicata, but Arnold eventually came to realise that Juanita was his idealised representation of Janine. As his fantasy collapsed around him because his brain wouldn't accept nice things happening to him, Juanita was revealed to have had multiple affairs and left Arnold for Frank. As his business empire crumbled around him, she returned to Rimmer after getting 'personality surgery' with the proceeds of the divorce settlement, making her saner and restoring her interest in Rimmer, but he was subsequently arrested and his body repossessed before they could actually have sex. (Better Than Life)