Tongue Tied
"So Judas was crucified, and Jesus was able to show up the following Monday and say, 'I'm back, baby, I'm back!"
-Arnold Rimmer ("Lemons")

Jesus of Nazareth was a religious icon and leader, similar to Dave Lister. It was in his name that Christianity was formed.


Jesus was born into a large family. He had a twin brother named Judas.

Before turning 30, Jesus travelled the world with his twin brother learning to be a good leader. In 23 AD, he was in India at the same time as the crew of the Red Dwarf.

Jesus was sentenced to crucifixion in later years. He and his twin brother, however, were said to have possibly switched places, so that he could marry Mary Magdalene, have children and "invent the wheelbarrow."

Christianity formed in his teachings and name. A special branch later formed, consisting of a group correctly theorising that Jesus and Judas were siblings and that they had, at one point, switched places. Arnold Rimmer's mother was in this branch, and thus named her son Arnold Judas Rimmer, hoping that he could sacrifice his popularity for others, like she knew Judas to have done. ("Lemons")

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