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Juliet May about to be eaten by Mr. Flibble

Juliet May is a television director who directed much of Series V of Red Dwarf.


Juliet began working in TV as a station assistant at BBC Plymouth and then progressed to directing the local news. She moved on to direct Wogan and other entertainment shows, such as Top of the Pops and Challenge Anneka.

Her first sitcom was an ill-fated show called Heil honey I'm home, in which Adolf Hitler and Eva Braun were the main characters. This was produced by Paul Jackson, who introduced her to Rob Grant and Doug Naylor when they were looking for a director for Series V.

Having never directed science fiction, she found Red Dwarf a challenge. Several of the shows from Series V were heavy with difficult concepts and special effects. Eventually, Juliet left the series before it was complete, with Grant and Naylor finishing the direction themselves.

Juliet would go on to direct many other shows including Chalk, New Tricks, Wild West and Miranda. She has been nominated for 3 Baftas and has won a Bafta Children's award for Microsoap.

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