Tongue Tied

Lister's "Jupiter Rise" shot
("Future Echoes")

Jupiter is the largest planet in Earth's Solar System, and the fifth furthest from the Sun.

A huge gas giant, Jupiter has at least sixty-seven moons including Io, Ganymede, Europa and Callisto. Many of these moons had been colonised by the time Red Dwarf left the solar system and were known for their outstanding natural beauty.

Red Dwarf was a vessel operated by the Jupiter Mining Corporation, but whether this company was based on Jupiter, operated around the planet or was simply named for it was never established.

One of Dave Lister's most impressive photographs was a picture of Jupiter rising over another planet, which he showed to Cat who was wowed by it, but Lister dismissed it by saying, "It's just the Jupiter Rise," and that "Everyone takes that shot." ("Future Echoes").

Kryten claimed to be proficient with the Jovian boogle hoops, a culinary utensil used on Jupiter ("Legion").

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