Tongue Tied

Mr. Knot, or simply Knot, was a crewman aboard Red Dwarf and a leading guard in the ship's prison, The Tank.

Knot was also seemingly a handler or commander of the Canaries, the prisoner suicide squad who are sent out on dangerous missions from Red Dwarf.


Knot was a large, aggressive man who enjoyed his work in the prison a little too much. He took great delight in intimidating the prisoners.

On Cat's first day in The Tank, Knot joined the warden in beating Cat for speaking out of turn, only stopping when Cat learned to shut up ("Pete I").

He later took command of the Canary unit sent to SSS Silverberg. When Kill Crazy became excited at the thought of finally killing something, Knot ordered him to be quiet. Rimmer tried to escape from the mission by pretending to have wandered into the wrong room, until Knot painfully grabbed hold of a part of Rimmer's anatomy.

When Rimmer was told by Cassandra, who could see into the future, that he would be dead in twenty minutes, he came up with a plan to avoid it. He realised that someone called "Rimmer" would have to die, so he conspired to swap the jacket with his name on it for the one worn by Knot. When Knot talked to Cassandra and asked if he would make it back to Earth, she saw that his name was Rimmer and told him that he would be dead in five seconds of a heart attack. This knowledge was enough to trigger the heart attack, which killed Knot within a few seconds. As Cassandra and Arnold commiserated about the fate of "Rimmer", Knot insisted "My name is Knot," to which Arnold replied "Not what?" ("Cassandra").