Kochanski's Roommate

Kochanski's roommate shared quarters aboard Red Dwarf with Kris Kochanski before the accident which killed the crew.

She was first seen dancing with Kochanski at the disco. ("Balance of Power")

Kochanski's bunkmate directed Dave Lister and the Cat to the Ganymede Holiday Inn when they were looking for Kochanski, also telling them that Kochanski had just got married on planet leave.

Cat found it hard to leave Kochanski's roommate, simply standing and staring and smiling until Lister pulled him away, since Cat had seen no human women before. ("Stasis Leak")

Behind the Scenes


  • Kochanski's roommate remains unnamed.
  • Kochanski's roommate was likely an officer like Kochanski, since according to both Space Corps Directives and JMC rules, crewmembers on the same shifts or of relatively equal status were often bunked up together (such as Lister and Rimmer on Z Shift were bunked up together).