Tongue Tied

The Legion Station scientists included some of the greatest human minds of the 23rd century. These renowned physicists included Heidegger, Davro, Quayle and Holder, who together experimented in collective intelligence aboard the Legion Station in Deep Space.


Early History

The early history of the scientists before they came to the Legion Station is unknown. The result of their work on the station was the gestalt entity named Legion, perhaps the most brilliant genius the galaxy has ever seen, combining all their knowledge together. Legion repleted the station with artistic masterpieces and advanced inventions, including the Cyber Park, the most advanced artificial reality system ever devised. Legion also invented a Star Drive and the "hard-light", or "solid", hologram, much later giving this technology to the hologram Arnold Rimmer.

Legion refused to let the scientists leave, since he was composed of their minds, and if they left he would cease to exist. However, Legion could not stop them from dying of old age, and one by one, Heidegger, Davro, Quayle and Holder all passed away. This left Legion a sentient yet formless essence, swirling around the remnants of his achievements.

Later History

Three million years later, Legion would acquire some new minds when the malfunctioning guidance beam of the Legion Station ensnared the boys from the Dwarf in Starbug. Legion was reformed from their combined personalities, noting that he was not all what he once was. After announcing his intention to keep them comfortable yet still prisoners, enticing them with their perfect quarters and use of the Cyber Park, Kryten came up with a plan. This involved knocking the others unconscious, so then Legion was merely a doppelganger of the mechanoid and was forced to obey due to his programming and assist in their return to Red Dwarf.

Legion stated that going back to a limbo state of non-existence would be a promotion after sharing in the Dwarfer's minds, and gave Kryten his Star Drive to help Starbug get back to their wayward mothership in nanoseconds. Leaving the Legion Station, the Star Drive malfunctioned, or more accurately blasted off into space by itself, making a hole in the hull of Starbug. ("Legion", Series VI)