Tongue Tied

A Blade Runner-inspired London skyline from "Back To Earth"

London is the capital city of England and the United Kingdom.



David Lister was a fan of the London Jets Zero Gravity Football Team. ("Future Echoes")

When the Dwarfers travelled to an Earth where time was running backwards, they found themselves 178 miles from London (or Nodnol as the locals called it). ("Backwards")

The Jupiter Mining Corporation had offices in London that were known to Lister. He was also familiar with the Taj Mahal, an Indian restaurant behind the JMC building. ("Tikka to Ride")

A hallucination caused by a despair squid made the Dwarfers believe that they had been transported to a shopping centre in London, where they learned they were only fictional characters. They then explored various locations in London in search of their creator. ("Back To Earth")


Lister enjoyed his 25th birthday with a pub crawl following the London Monopoly board. He and his friends started at the Old Kent Road and had a drink at every square. By the time they reached Regent's Street, Lister had to buy a new board because no-one could remember the next square. He was so drunk that when he awoke next he was on Mimas. (Infinity Welcomes Careful Drivers)

Behind the scenes

For many years, the production of Red Dwarf has been based at Shepperton Studios, just outside London. Many of the locations used for filming have been in London, including Galleon's Reach and the BSkyB building.

When Back to Earth was about to be broadcast for the first time, the cast and crew staged several publicity stunts in London. These included a public showing of the first episode. A similar premiere was staged for Series X at the Prince of Wales Cinema, Leicester Square.

The city is also the birthplace of several members of the cast and crew, including Danny John-Jules, Chloë Annett and Ed Bye.

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