Tongue Tied
London Jets.png

The London Jets were a zero gravity football team supported by Dave Lister. They were based in the city of London, England, Earth.


Lister had lots of zero-G memorabilia in his quarters, including two different London Jets t-shirts that he often wore.

His favourite player was Jim Bexley Speed, who played in the Roof Attack position. Lister once attended a Jets game and had his picture taken with his idol, who seemed less than enthused. ("Future Echoes")

When Lister's Confidence was made solid by a mutated strain of pneumonia, he manifested as a man who looked just like the manager of the Jets, a large man with bright white teeth and a tartan jacket. Whilst his Confidence looked like the manager of the London Jets, Lister's confidence sounded like Bing Baxter. ("Confidence and Paranoia")

When Lister entered his own digital fantasy, he played "roof attack" for the London Jets instead of Jim Bexley Speed. Lister also played his guitar as the fifth member of the "Fab Five". ("Better Than Life" deleted scenes)

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