Tongue Tied

Lotomi 5

Lotomi 5 is an S3-class asteroid within GELF Galactic territory, where the penal colony of Cyberia was located.


The asteroid belt that contained Lotomi 5 was governed by the various species that made up the Great GELF State. It is one of the larger asteroids in the belt, big enough to have an atmosphere. The terrain of Lotomi 5 was mostly desert, with a few buildings and a power supply for the main prison complex.


When the crew of Starbug tried to rescue an imprisoned version of Lister, they landed on the surface of Lotomi 5 and sabotaged the power supply. This enabled Lister to rescue his doppelganger from the prison. The two Listers then hid out on the surface of the asteroid until Starbug came to pick them up. Lister was buried alive by his evil counterpart and left behind on Lotomi 5 to be imprisoned. He later escaped Cyberia in the company of a Symbi-morph named Reketrebn and headed for the planet being terraformed by the GELFs. (Last Human)