Tongue Tied

Low Cat (left) with Low Rimmer (Right)

Low Cat was a version of Cat created by the Triplicator.

He had all his positive aspects removed. This version had lost Cat's sense of fashion and dressed in rags. He also enjoyed pain, as when he burnt his cheek with a coffee pot on purpose and smiled when the Low Kryten headbutted him. 


He had a monobrow and two enormous teeth which showed that he had evolved from a sabre-tooth tiger instead of a normal domestic cat. He was seen eating the remains of his higher self messily. 

He was destroyed when the triplicator recreated Red Dwarf from the two copies. ("Demons & Angels")

Behind the Scenes

  • In the making of Series V, Danny John-Jules said that the sabre-teeth worn by the Low Cat hurt his mouth for some time after. He also said that he imagined the Low Cat would have been the bully aboard the Cat Arks.