Tongue Tied

Low Lister was a version of Dave Lister created by the Triplicator

This Lister had all of his positive aspects removed. He looked like a hairy, evil cowboy with an eye patch. He had an annoying high-pitched laugh and a slurring voice.

He enjoyed using bazookoids to shoot at the original and High crews, as well as using a remote control to manipulate other people who had been injected with a spinal implant. He was extremely sadistic, enjoying the torment of his original self. He also claimed to share the original's taste for violent movies and meaningless sex.

He managed to escape the destruction of his own vessel by stowing away aboard Starbug, where he continued to control Lister's movements from the safety of a cupboard. He was betrayed by his distinctive laugh, whereupon The Cat shot him dead with a bazookoid. ("Demons & Angels")