An unnamed male Red Dwarf crew member was seen taking a shower on Floor 16, which had an exit from a stasis leak from three million years into the future. His name, rank and profession was never revealed but suspect he was a JMC miner.


Following directions from Rimmer's old diary, the gang head down 2,567 floors from the sleeping quarters in an Xpress Lift with it's own hostess, down to the old stasis booths on Floor 16. There they find a hidden stasis leak where the past has leaked into the room and which acts as a doorway to the past, to a little while before the crew all died in the Cadmium II leak three million years earlier.

The gang go through and come out the other side, right into a shower room where this man taking a shower, who looked baffled. Embarrassingly, Dave Lister briefly pretends to be a "Kissagram" and heads off, then the Cat bumps in to him and make an embarrassing comment on the mans penis and then heads off. He never seemed to notice the stasis leak hole, and could not of survived going through. ("Stasis Leak", Series II)

He perished with the rest of the crew in the radiation leak.

Bumping in to man in teh shower

Stasis leaks opens out to a shower in the past

Background Information

  • The character was played by Joe Riding.
  • As seen in the deleted scenes for the episode, the original take was much more explicit, since a male model was hired who didn't mind getting naked in front of the live studio audience. However in the interests of taste, the scene was re-shot with Joe Riding, who covered up for the scene. (Deleted scenes and Series II Collector's Booklet)