Tongue Tied

Starbug crashed on the snowy planetoid

The marooned planetoid was an undesignated S3 planet located somewhere in the Sigma 14 solar system in Deep Space, and on which Lister and Rimmer once spent a week in a crashed Starbug.

Starbug had crashed there after Holly had detected five black holes approaching Red Dwarf, forcing an evacuation in the shuttles, and Starbug was then struck by a meteorite. Lister tried walking out onto the surface, but the wind drove him back.

It was an S3 planet, but was very cold and desolate, resulting in Lister having to burn parts of Rimmer's camphor wood chest, which Lister initially pretended was his guitar.

They were eventually found and rescued by the Cat and Kryten in a Blue Midget, and after the latter had scoured the system with Psi-Scans, across fourteen moons and two planets. Cat had been so worried, he hadn't buffed his shoes in two days.

It turned out that the black holes had in fact been grit on Holly's scanner scope. ("Marooned", Series III)