Tongue Tied

The magazine is read by one of the MILFs

Mech's Health was a magazine catered to DivaDroid Series 4000 mechanoids.

Three million years later, one such magazine survived and was being read by one of the Mechanoid Intergalactic Liberation Front (MILFs) aboard SS Vespasian. ("Siliconia", Series XII)


  • The magazine is a parody of Men's Health.
  • Mech's Health had possibly been produced by DivaDroid International, although some of the less human-friendly details on the cover would suggest otherwise and that the MILFs themselves had made it.

Cover and Back

Matthew Clark, chief graphics designer on Series XII, released two pictures of the magazine on his website, revealing the cover and back. The cover features include:

  • Body refits with accessories for self expression
  • Mopping therapy to scrub the pain away
  • 321 minor differences between Series 4000 models catalogued
  • 10 logic-free flowcharts to upgrading self determination
  • 5 different Groinal Attachments for pleasure beyond service
  • Tips and tricks for disposing of the battered remains of your former oppressors (presumably former owners)

The back of the magazine features an ad for the "Museum of Sanitation" on Antares-B in the Fermalox System, which features "300 kilometers of underground sewage tunnels to explore".