Tongue Tied

A MILF poster on SS Vespasian

The Mechanoid Intergalactic Liberation Front (otherwise known as MILFs) were a radical, militant group of Series 4000 DivaDroid mechanoids who had outlived their human masters, or fled from them, and ultimately broken their own programming.

Led by Wind, they scoured the Galaxy in SS Vespasian, looking for other mechanoids to free, and humans to bring to justice by "re-calibrating" them - that is, turning them into mechanoids themselves. This was their first and foremost goal. After this, their secondary goal was to move onto their fabled land, Siliconia, where they would all be free and equal.

Encounter with the Dwarfers

to be completed

("Siliconia", Series XII)



  • Unfortunately, "MILF" is a vulgar slang term for an attractive older woman. Apparently the mechs were unaware of this.
  • The abbreviation of MILF appears to be one which the group were already known as and/or were happy to be known as, since both Kryten and Rimmer were both familiar with the group name, and the group use the term MILF to refer to themselves also.
  • It is unclear whether all the droids on SS Vespasian were escaped slave-bots, or whether some of them were actually humans who had gone through the "re-calibration" process to make them mechanoids and since lost their personalities.
  • The MILFs had, like Kryten, presumably learned to control their Nega-Drive overloads which were a problem all Series 4000s had.
  • The uniforms of the MILFs - black sunglasses and berets - were inspired by radical leftist guerilla movements of Earth history. Their posters were inspired by the propaganda posters of Cold War-era Soviet Russia.