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Dave Lister, Arnold Rimmer, skutters and the medicomp in the Medical Unit ("Confidence and Paranoia")

The Medical Unit, alternatively called the Medi-Bay or Sick-Bay, was a location aboard Red Dwarf which provided to the health needs of the crew. There are at least four Medi-Bays aboard Red Dwarf. ("Give & Take").

The Medi-Bays had their own human staff, overseen by Doctor Karen Newton. ("Stasis Leak" "Back in the Red") However there is also an A.I. medical system known as the Medi-Bot. ("Confidence and Paranoia", "Fathers & Suns")


Early Series

When Dave Lister fell ill after contracting space pneumonia while searching the contaminated Officer's Quarters, he collapsed in the middle of the corridor. Holly alerted Arnold Rimmer, but given that Rimmer was a hologram, he tried to get the help of Cat, but Cat was more interested in his lunch. Eventually Rimmer got the skutters to fetch a stretcher and carry Lister to the Medical Unit. Rimmer was trying to teach the skutters to be more dextrous and got them to take Lister's temperature, even though Lister wanted the medicomp to, and the skutter stabbed Lister in the eye with the thermometer. When Rimmer asked the skutter to take a rectal reading, Lister said that he was feeling better. Rimmer asked the other skutter to help get Lister off the bed, but it flung him across the room instead. ("Confidence and Paranoia")

The medicomp was smashed up by Lister's manifested Confidence who didn't want Lister to get cured. ("Confidence and Paranoia")

After this, Kryten would often see to the medical needs of Lister and Cat, often performing treatment or surgery in the Science Room. ("Dad", "Justice", "Out of Time", "Epideme", "Lemons", "Give and Take", "Can of Worms", "M-Corp")

Series VIII

When Red Dwarf is reconstructed by the nanobots and the original crew resurrected, this includes fully refurbished Medi-bays and medical staff. Doctor Karen Newton brought Captain Hollister to one of these to show him Cat, who to their surprise had six nipples, colour-coordinated intestines, and a 'cool' musical heartbeat and pulse which Captain Hollister requested that the doctor put on a tape for him. ("Back in the Red")

Lister and Rimmer spent some time in a Medi-bay after getting drunk on Baxter's illegal prison hooch, and having had a stomach pump afterwards. When Baxter threatened their lives, Kryten and Kochanski sneaked in the Medi-Bay since the secuirty was lax and with the intention of getting Lister and Rimmer out and stealing a shuttle. Cat planned on getting himself hospitalised by provoking other inmates of the Tank, but this had the opposite effect. With everybody now fearing him instead. Eventually Cat would sneak into the Medi-Bay dressed as a nurse. ("Only the Good")

Later Series

The Dwarfers used a Medi-bay a number of times throughout Series X, which had a new chirpy A.I. Medi-Bot. This new Medi-Bot helped Lister come to terms with the fact that he is own father ("Fathers & Suns") and taking bribes from Rimmer. ("Dear Dave")



Some of the shuttlecraft of Red Dwarf, such as Starbug, also have their own Medi-Bay. ("Rimmerworld", "Out of Time", "Stoke Me a Clipper", "Blue", "Epideme")

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