Tongue Tied

Mike Agnew in the documentary "It's Cold Outside"

Mike Agnew was the BBC Production Manager for the television series of Red Dwarf, during Series II and Series III.

The Series II making-of documentary, "It's Cold Outside" (which is included in The Bodysnatcher Collection), includes the story of Agnew being berated by producer Paul Jackson in front of the studio audience during the filming of Kryten for raising a drape too early.

In the episode Thanks for the Memory, Craig Charles completed filming the "deathday" scene in a Welsh quarry, but then left to attend the birth of his son. Fortunately, Charles had completed all of his voice-over work, although it actually Mike Agnew in the space suit when Lister and the Cat later discover the gravestone to "Lise Yates".

Agnew also played a number of other roles in Series III, such as one of the pub brawlers in the Nogard dna Egroeg eht (Backwards), the voice of the small polymorph (Polymorph), and the AutoServe machine (Bodyswap).