Tongue Tied

Mimas brothel was a brothel on Mimas where astros could be serviced by sex droids, and presumably, Pleasure GELFs. It was active during the mid to late 22nd century, and was staffed by highly life-like yet seemingly defective "prosti-droids" of women, men, and sheep.


Before he signed up with the JMC and joined the crew of Red Dwarf, Dave Lister spent some time on Mimas. In order to try make money to get back to Earth, Lister used hoppers to taxi people around. One of his last fares was one Arnold Rimmer, who was actually pretending to be a JMC officer, "Christopher Todhunter", and was wearing a false mustache. This was the first time that the two, destined to spend eternity together on Red Dwarf, had first met. Rimmer asked to be taken to the droid brothel.

Lister noticed the interchangeable female droids where the customer could pic specific body parts to be put together in one female robot. He also noticed Rimmer having problems, who emerged angrily complaining of "nearly having it pulled off." Once Rimmer clocked Lister he took up the pretense once again that he was looking for a restaurant. (Infinity Welcomes Careful Drivers)


  • It is possible that Rimmer first acquired his inflatable sex doll Rachael here, which would later become a recurring joke throughout the television series.