Tongue Tied

Mimian Bladder Fish were a GELF fish cultivated and eaten on Mimas and it's restaurants, therefore presumably eaten with Mimosian Anti-Matter Chopsticks and drunk with Mimosian Telekinetic Wine.

Arnold Rimmer pretended to be an officer and said he was off to try such Mimian/Mimosian cuisine to Dave Lister when he asked Lister (posing as a taxi driver in a stolen hopper) to take him to the red light district of Mimas. Rimmer claimed he wanted to try the Mimian bladder fish; an obvious lie since he had Lister take him to a droid brothel. (Infinity Welcomes Careful Drivers)

Kryten prepares a lightly poached Mimian bladder fish for Rimmer ("Bodyswap", Series III)

When Rimmer temporarily swapped bodies with Lister, Rimmer was able to taste food again for the first time in three million years. Rimmer admittedly went "temporarily insane", ordering Kryten to prepare piles of food for him. Among this was ducks feet in abalone sauce, a pile of mashed potato and gravy, and a lightly poached Mimian bladder fish. Unfortunately for Lister, Rimmer ended up putting a lot of weight onto Lister's body. ("Bodyswap", Series III)

Mimian bladder fish may or may not have been part of Legion's Mamosian cuisine. Given they come from the same place it is likely, although impossible to tell if it is among Legion's condiments due to the way they are arranged. ("Legion")

A space weevil (left) and a Mimian Bladder Fish (right)
("Can't Smeg, Won't Smeg")

The Boys from the Dwarf chose a Mimian Bladder Fish, along with a Space Weevil and other foodstuffs such as Urine Recyc Wine, to cook with. This Mimian bladder fish appears to more of a stingray-like fish. ("Can't Smeg, Won't Smeg", Red Dwarf Night)