Tongue Tied

The board game

Mine-opoly was a board game played with dice. It was the Jupiter Mining Corporation version of monopoly.

Dave Lister and Rimmer once played this game in their sleeping quarters aboard Red Dwarf, with stakes. Rimmer explains to Lister about his unbeaten run from his time in the Space Scouts and his nickname, 'Minotaur' - the creature you can never pass. If Rimmer loses for the first time, then he can't complain at all to or about Lister for a whole week, or even complain about not being able to complain. If Lister loses, he has to wear a evening gown, day and night, until he can play James Last polka songs on the bagpipes. Lister cheats at the game with cards hidden up his sleeve, and Rimmer loses as he rolls 7 2 and 1 on the dice which is 62million/1 odds - which is the same odds as being killed by a tangerine.

Some time later, after a traumatising ordeal in the wreck of the SS Samsara, Rimmer was furious when he uncovered Lister's cards up his sleeve after Cat saw them. (Samsara, Series XI)