Tongue Tied

The mineral ore storage bay was a location aboard the city-sized spaceship Red Dwarf. As part of the cargo bays, asteroids were stored here, and from where they would be mined for the material within them, by processes such as blasting them apart with bazookoids and explosives.


When Holly was rebooted from a backup disc and lost his memory, he sought to dispose of Red Dwarf by flying it into a Black Hole. The Dwarfers then plotted against Holly to prevent this from happening, and Dave Lister and Kryten came up with a plot to disable Holly and save the ship. Kryten suggested that they blow up the largest asteroid in the mineral ore storage bay to create an electromagnetic pulse to take Holly off-line. Lister told Kryten to go and do this at 12am.

While talking in an airlock they unwittingly broadcast their conversation around the ship. When Holly discovered their plot, they began to openly mock Holly, telling him that he had no time left since it was nearly noon. However, Kryten then walked by whistling and mopping. Kryten winked at the others and said "tonight is the night". They then realised that Lister had confused midnight for midday.

An annoyed Holly then safely sealed off the mineral ore storage bay, foiling their plan, and forced the Dwarfers off the ship. (The Promised Land)


  • It is possible that the asteroids embedded in the underside of Red Dwarf were part of the mineral ore storage bay.