JMC Miner in the refectory on Red Dwarf

Miners played a big role in the Jupiter Mining Corporation, mining asteroids and planetoids under dangerous conditions for reasonable pay. Alongside the miners worked engineers, mineral geologists, machine operatives and a whole range of support crew. In-between missions the miners and "Astros" typically took full advantage of getting off their ships that they have been in for long periods of time and taking planet-leave to enjoy and go crazy in the night clubs and bars.

All the miners aboard the JMC mining vessel Red Dwarf were killed in the radiation leak incident.


Bazookoid MKI MKII

Bazookoids MkI and MkII diagrams

  • Overalls, boots, helmets, space suits, breathing equipment and other Personal Protective Equipment.
  • Bazookoids. These are plasma-firing laser guns used by mining colonies operated by the Jupiter Mining Corporation and are intended to blow apart rocks and ores. Bazookoids are standard equipment on mining freighters like Red Dwarf and have been named so in association to their design, looking similar to bazookas. They have be cocked between rounds.
  • Transport shuttles to take equipment to and from the JMC ships. Blue Midgets and Starbug crafts were used most commonly for this purpose.
  • Demolition equipment such as wrecking balls

Jupiter Mining Corporation, use city size mining freighters like Red Dwarf and others to transport all this and so much more. It would take a few years to do a round trip round the Solar system, hens the size and facilities on board and why crew member look forward to Planet leave. (It was unclear that the Rock and Ore was mined or refined on board ship, but given the size it could be possible)

Dwarf underside

asteroids being transported by red dwarf

Known JMC Miners

History Pre radiation leak incident

  • Lister learnt about the long trip round the Solar system the hard way. His first initial plan was to go AWOL when the ship was next stopping at earth, but Lister soon realized that Red Dwarf had further to go out before heading back to Earth clocking up a few years, after Lister had enough, mainly after the break up with Kristine he deliberately didn't tell the captain the whereabouts of his cat and for fitted the rest of his pay and time with JMC to be put in to stasis.(Infinity Welcomes Careful Drivers)

History Post radiation leak incident

Behind the scenes

In the Show Miners didn't play a huge role only seen as extras or mentioned mainly in the first episode Pilot episode and RD: Stasis Leak.

There is a bit more mention of the Miners in the novels and books. Infinity Welcomes Careful Drivers