Tongue Tied

Image collage of 93 Minerva

Minerva (minor planet designation 93 Minerva) is a large asteroid in the asteroid belt of Earth's Solar System. Like a small number of other large asteroids in the asteroid belt, it has two moons of its own, named Aegis and Gorgoneion.

Discovered in 1867, it was named after Minerva, a Roman goddess from Earth mythology, who is often equated with the Greek goddess of wisdom, Athena.


By the 24th century, the Space Corps had colonised Minerva. A "negative energy extractor" machine created on Minerva was in use in the Criticism Extraction Room aboard the SS Enconium, an Earth spaceship where all criticism was outlawed.

When the SS Enconium was thrust three million years into Deep Space by a Time Wave, the boys from the Dwarf came aboard and broke the laws of the SS Enconium. Arnold Rimmer refered to extractor as a "cheap, damned, Minervan bottling machine" as it drained him of his critical faculties. However, Rimmer's negative energy was too much for the machine to process and it exploded, resulting in the release of Rimmer's Inner Critic. ("Timewave", Series XII)

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