Tongue Tied

Mutton Vindaloo Beast, also referred to by Arnold Rimmer as the Psychopathic Curry Man, was a mutant created by the organic transmogrification machine aboard the DNA Ship.


The Beast was brought into being by accident, when the boys from the Red Dwarf attempted to turn a mutton vindaloo into a chicken vindaloo, as a test to make sure they could change Kryten from his human state back into a mechanoid.

The Beast was a raging monster that desired to kill them, strong enough to smash through metal doors like they were cardboard. It was also immune to attack up to and including bazookoid fire, as it was "as tough as vindalooed mutton".

It was however vulnerable to beer - "the only thing which can kill a vinadloo" - the touch of which burned it like acid. Lister threw a can of leopard lager into its mouth and shot the can with a bazookoid, blowing the beast's head off. It was presumably eaten by Lister, as he thought that it tasted good (he jokingly asked if the others had a poppadom the size of Lake Michigan). ("D.N.A.")



  • The death of the beast was a parody/homage of the killing of Jaws in the original movie.

Behind the Scenes

  • Red Dwarf composer Howard Goodall utilised Indian Sitars when making the musical theme for the Mutton Vindaloo Beast. In the documentary "Settling the Score" feature on the Series VI DVD, Goodall recounted how he made something which would sound right in an Indian restaurant, then "went bonkers" with it. The theme is most notable when the Beast first arises, and is more prominent in the deleted scenes of the episode, which include more of the creature and the chase, and the creature's death.
  • The Beast was played by one of the FX team, the tall and slim Scotsman Paul McGuinness, who made the costume himself and would sleep on set with it. (Series IV DVD collector's booklet)