The Nakhi Ninkas, also known as Vampire GELFs, are an unseen tribe of GELF that had inhabited the Deep Space asteroid belt known as Juno 98 for at least three million years.

Both Arnold Rimmer and Kryten of Red Dwarf were familiar with the tribe, having heard ancient astro tales of them, which said that they feasted on blood, hunted through pheromones and scent and had a special preference for virgins.

When Dave Lister fell asleep at the controls of Starbug after a giant Sunday roast, the gang ended up 5,000 clicks of course. Lister suggested a short-cut back to Red Dwarf through the asteroid belt Juno 98, but Kryten and Rimmer noted from ancient astro tales that this belt was the dwelling place of the Nakhi Ninkas, or Vampire GELFs. The Cat was terrified, since he was still a virgin - a favourite of the GELFs - although he was too proud to admit it. After much mocking from Rimmer, Lister told Cat he would go the long way around Juno 98. (Can of Worms, Series XI)