Tongue Tied

Kryten's head about to explode due to his Nega-Drive about to pop

A Nega-Drive, also known as Mind Negative Drive, was a unique aspect of programming in the Series 4000 mechanoids created by DivaDroid International, and an in-joke by a disgruntled mechanoid engineer.

Kryten's Nega-Drive

The Boys from the Dwarf first noticed severe erratic and irritable behavior in Kryten when he followed them into the Artificial Reality Suite during a game of Pride and Prejudice Land. Dave Lister had only agreed to participate in an attempt to impress Kochanski, whom Kryten was already jealous over. Kryten stealth killed the Bennett sisters, and then blew up the gazebo with a T-72 Tank, all because they postponed Kryten's lobster dinner. At said dinner, Kryten's head literally explodes when Lister asks for ketchup with his lobster. He then blows up all his other spare heads when he puts them on.

Later kidnapped by the Simulant Trader aboard SS Centauri, Kryten meets another Series 4000 mechanoid Able, an outrozone addict, and learns the terrible secret of his design. It is revealed that the entire 4000 series of mechanoids was a spiteful joke by their creator, Professor Mamet. They were designed to be a parody of a fiancée who jilted her, John Warburton and as such were made pompous, ridiculous looking, and overbearing. Further, all their negative emotions are stored on a "nega-drive" and when it becomes full they literally blow up, just like Warburton used to.

When Starbug came under attack by the laser cannons of SS Centauri, Able took an escape pod and fired a green energy field at Centauri. This energy field contained all the bad feeling built up in the nega-drive, which in turn infected the Simulant Trader.

In a fit of depression and in a blaze of self-hatred, the Simulant Trader committed suicide by exploding Centauri. However the explosion also killed Able, since it forced Able's pod to dive-bomb onto an asteroid. Kryten recovered Able's body and performed last rites, finally calling him his brother. ("Beyond a Joke", Series VII)