Tongue Tied

Nigel Williams with Mr. Flibble on the official Red Dwarf website. 12 October, 2001

Nigel Williams (born approx. 1946) is a prolific British theater actor, appearing in dozens of plays for over four decades. His theater history includes Very Good Eddy, Spend, Spend, Spend, Whenever, Lautrec, I'll Be Back Before Midnight, Lucky Stiffs, Passion, Oscar, The Sound of Music, and Great Expectations.

Williams is also an occasional part-time television actor, with small roles in television programs such as Secret Army, The Last Salute, Grange Hill, Keeping Up Appearances, Uncle Jack, Emmerdale Farm, Crossroads, and Hi-Di-Hi. His last television appearance was on Casualty in 2010.

Involvement with Red Dwarf


Nigel Williams portrayed the character Legion in the eponymous episode of Series VI of Red Dwarf. The episode was recorded on 27th February 1993, and broadcast on 14th October the same year.[1]

The Legion costume was so tight that Williams had to be sewn into it, a process which took eight hours. In post-production, Williams also provided the voice-over for the character.[2]

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