Tongue Tied

A reverse milestone for "Nodnol", which Lister thinks is in Bulgaria

Nodnol was a city on the backwards Earth. It was the reverse counterpart of London.


Nodnol is never actually seen in "Backwards", just referenced on a milestone first spotted by Kryten and Arnold Rimmer, then later by Lister and Cat, which says they are 871 Selim (178 miles) from Nodnol. Kryten and Rimmer correctly deduce that they are on a backwards version of Earth in the year 1993 (or as it is now written, 3991), while Lister and the Cat believe that they are in Bulgaria. They seem to have actually travelled to Retsehcnam (Manchester), as evidenced by notable local landmarks and Manchester being roughly 178 miles from London. Presumably the city's history is the same as its forward counterpart, except in reverse.

In Retsehcnam, Rimmer and Kryten went to make money as a novelty act, "The Sensational Reverse Brothers", after being trapped there by a Time Hole.

The pub where they were performing when Lister and Cat found them was called Nogard dna Egroeg eht and was located in Teerts Gnilpik, where Lister got involved in a "bar room tidy", the reverse of a barroom brawl. ("Backwards", Series III)


  • Nodnol is of course backwards for London, but is apparently not the setting of the story. The story is likely to have been set in the backwards version of Manchester, as the Red Dwarf crew are able to easily travel between the city and the woodland where Starbug crashed. Plus Manchester is roughly 178 miles from London.

Behind the Scenes

  • Red Dwarf co-creator and co-writer Rob Grant makes a cameo on the streets of Retsehcnam, as the man "unsmoking" a cigarette.