Tongue Tied

Does the pod contain Rimmer's Quagaars?
("Waiting for God", Series I)

Observation rooms were used on Red Dwarf for quarantine of scooped in space debris and pods. The rooms allowed crew members to view though safety windows and view ports of any thing that could be considered infectious or dangerous.


Holly notices an pod floating in space and Rimmer orders that it be salvaged, convinced that it contains alien life forms. He begins to speculate wilder and wilder theories, much to the annoyance of Lister. Holly scooped up the pod and is it quarantined in a small room. Lister and Rimmer are in the Observation Room analyzing the pod and debating the origins, through the window.

When Lister violates Rimmer's self imposed quarantine he finds that it is in fact a Red Dwarf garbage pod jettisoned from the Waste Disposal unit. Holly explains that he has known all along but decided not to tell Rimmer as it was "worth a laugh." Lister agrees to keep the joke, while Rimmer's elaborate ideas about the possibilities of the aliens who built the pod expand and grow to the point that he believes them to be able to give him a real body. This is all much to Lister's amusement and ire.

Later on Rimmer's quarantine period finally ends and he sends Lister in to investigate the pod. After he pulls out a rotting roast chicken Rimmer exclaims in the excitement of finding the "perfectly preserved remains of a Quagaar warrior." However, interrupting the closing credits, he can be heard shouting "It's a garbage pod! It's a smegging garbage pod!"

Bay 47 Quarantine Room 152

Rimmer wakes up in Quarantine Room 152

Quarantine bays had Observation Rooms such as Bay 47, Quarantine Room 152, which had a dark observation room with one way mirror window that could be polarized to view both ways. It was from hear Rimmer under the influence of the Holo Virus was sadistically observing the behavior of his crewmates. Later on The crew escape and eventually disabled Rimmer by finding a remote link to the Hologram Simulation Suite. When Rimmer came to, his core program restored, he was bemused to found himself laid on a gurney and sealed in the same room he had sealed them in, Quarantine Room 152 in Bay 47. The others then appeared in the observation room dressed as Rimmer had been when he was insane - wearing gingham dresses - and cackling and acting maniacally, for a little payback against their former captor. ("Quarantine", Series V)