Tongue Tied
Tongue Tied

A table in the Parrots Bar

Kryten and Camille at Parrots

Strutting their funky stuff

The Parrots Bar, or Parrot's, was a former establishment located on G Deck of the JMC mining spaceship Red Dwarf. It served as both a wine bar and restaurant, heavily themed on parrots.

Before the accident which killed the crew, it was presumably reserved for the captain and the officers like the Officer's Club.


Three million years later, when Kryten was dating Camille, this was one of the many places the mechanoid took the green blob. They sat a table replete with a menu, candles, miniature parrots, and gazpacho soup. As they ate, Camille slurped loudly on her gazpacho soup with her tentacle-mouth.

After they had gotten drunk later into the night, they activated the music players and began dancing crazily to upbeat music. They then drunkenly took a Starbug out for a romantic spin. Finally, they went to the cinema to watch Casablanca, and Holly interrupted the film to tell them that Camille's husband Hector had reappeared, looking to take Camille away on his own ship.

Kryten was able to let Camille go, referencing both the Parrots Bar and Casablanca - instead of saying "we'll always have Paris", he says "we'll always have Parrots". ("RD: Camille", Series IV)


  • This is possibly the same wine bar Dave Lister tells Kryten he once visited in the episode "D.N.A.", telling Kryten to keep quiet about it since Lister felt he had betrayed his working class roots.

Behind the scenes

  • The scenes in the Parrot's Bar was originally longer, including Kryten and Camille slow-dancing to more romantic music. This can be seen in the deleted scenes section on the Series IV DVD.