Tongue Tied

The Penthouse Suite is an unseen area aboard the city-sized JMC mining spaceship Red Dwarf.

The Penthouse Suite was the most luxurious sleeping quarters aboard the Red Dwarf, located on A Deck.

Although the boys from the Dwarf have yet to make use of the Penthouse Suite themselves, Kryten offered the Penthouse Suite to Camille when she first came aboard the ship, although Kryten did say that the suite would take a great deal of cleaning up and preparation, so it likely it was in a deteriorated state. ("Camille", Series IV)


  • Before the accident which killed the crew of Red Dwarf, the Penthouse Suite was presumably reserved for visiting VIPs, possibly Space Corps Admirals or JMC directors.
  • The Penthouse Suite was located at the top of the ship, therefore it was presumably close to the first Observation Dome.
  • It was presumably close to the sleeping quarters used by the Dwarfers from Series X onwards, since that was also close to the top of the ship.