Tongue Tied

A Pleasure GELF is a type of GELF.

About Pleasure GELFs[]

Pleasure GELFs are, in their natural form, amorphous, green slimy blobs around 1.5 metres high. In this default form they have a single tentacle-like appendage with an eye on the end. At least one Pleasure GELF has resolved to find a "cure" for its "condition".

Pleasure GELFs are telepathic. They can sense whatever the people around them would be attracted to, and make them believe that this is what they're seeing. The Pleasure GELF named Camille took the form of a female Series 4000 GTi mechanoid when rescued from a wreck by Kryten.

Unlike several other genetically engineered life forms, such as the manipulative polymorphs and the aggressive beastmen-GELFs, Pleasure GELFs are actually benevolent and non-threatening.

Each of the Dwarfers saw their dream partners, and Camille was forced to reveal her true nature. Despite its natural form, Kryten began dating it. Camille eventually left to help her partner, a Pleasure GELF named Hector, in a manner similar to Casablanca.

The novel Last Human features a GELF called a Symbi-morph which is very similar to the Pleasure GELF, but seems to have actual shape-shifting abilities. Its neutral or "true" form is an androgynous humanoid with a black and white matrix colour scheme. It has five telepathic hooks which it can fire into someone to read their mind and shape-shift accordingly, with each additional hook making the connection more powerful. Lister was allowed to spend a night with a symbi-morph but rather than being given a "broken" one (one who is not bonded telepathically to anyone) he was given Reketrebn, a symbi-morph who was bonded with four hooks to an abusive Dingotang named Deki. Although they were only bonded with one hook, Lister managed to convince Reketrebn to help him escape and run away from Deki, by whom it was being severely mistreated.