Tongue Tied

Porky Roebuck was schoolmates with Arnold Rimmer and Thickie Holden at Io House. The young Arnold considered Porky closest thing to a friend that he had, since he bullied him the least. Roebuck's father was having an affair with Arnold Rimmer's Mother. Arnold and Porky later attended the Space Scouts together.


When Rimmer was discussing the nature of friendship with Lister, he bemoaned the fact that in his entire life there was no-one that he would consider a true friend.

The closest he had ever come was his relationship with Porky. By the time Rimmer was 15, they had known each other for ten years. Rimmer considered he and Porky to be very close, since Porky's father was having a secret affair with Rimmer's mother.

When Rimmer and Porky were sent away on a Space Scouts survival course, Rimmer was attacked and placed on a makeshift barbecue by the other boys. Assuming that Porky would save him, Rimmer was shocked to discover that the whole event was Porky's idea, even going so far as to choose himself the choicest cut (Rimmer's right buttock) for himself. Only the timely intervention of the Space Mistress, Yakka Takka Tulla, saved Rimmer from being the victim of cannibalism. This encounter taught Rimmer never to trust anyone. (RD: Queeg)

Rimmer should have had some idea of Porky's "friendship" when, at age 12, Porky threw Rimmer into a septic tank and caused him to lose his favourite shoes. (RD: Marooned) (Better Than Life)