Tongue Tied

Postal chess, also called correspondence chess, is a variant of chess played over distances instead of over-the-board. Although often played through traditional post or homing pigeon, it can also be played by more modern means such as a fax, internet forum, or electronic mail.

Holly and Gordon

Three million years into the future, a post pod caught up with the giant spaceship Red Dwarf when Red Dwarf finally began to slow down. Among the various items in the mail pod was a message for the Red Dwarf computer Holly from Gordon, an artificial intelligence from another ship, the SS Scott Fitzgerald.

Unfortunately, Gordon was just as computer senile as Holly. The Dwarfers were bemused to see that Holly and Gordon were playing postal chess; even more so when Holly revealed that Gordon had only just made the first move in their three million year old game. ("Better Than Life", Series II)

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