Tongue Tied
This article is about the Red Dwarf character. For the Red Dwarf episode, see RD: Queeg.

"Red Dwarf is now run by Queeg 500!"
-Queeg ("Queeg")

Queeg 500 was supposedly the Red Dwarf backup computer. When the shipmates complain about Holly being useless and putting them in mortal danger, Queeg appears. He takes charge of the ship and makes several claims about Holly, like he has been going round in circles for months and that his IQ is a measly 6. Queeg starts putting them all on a strict timetable of labour and fitness, whilst Holly is displaced onto a television screen as a "night watchman". Queeg seems to be of militaristic origin, given that he demands to be called "sir" and shipmates are required to earn "credits" to use facilities (even though credits are obsolete since the ship is now no longer performing its designated role). He forces Rimmer to do his regulation exercises and forces both Lister and Cat to work. Eventually, Holly challenges Queeg to a game of his choice, the winner of the game gains control of the ship, the loser gets erased forever. Queeg suggests a chess match several times. Holly eventually agrees, despite not really understanding the rules. Holly loses, and says goodbye to Lister and Co. forever, wishing them all the best. However, it all turns out to be an elaborate practical joke, with Queeg simply being Holly in disguise in an attempt to make a point about his capability. The crew are amazed and stunned by Holly's joke.


  • "The company is paying for [Rimmer's] hologrammatical survival, and out here in space I am the company!" ("Queeg")
  • Queeg: "[Holly's IQ] has a 6 in it, but it's not 6,000."
    Rimmer: "What is it?"
    Queeg: "6."


  • Queeg's name is a nod to Lieutenant Commander Phillip Francis Queeg from the novel "The Caine Mutiny."
  • Augins later choreographed several later dance routines for the series, and returned to play Queeg for the music video version of Danny John-Jules' single "Tongue Tied", sharing the screen with both Hollys, Norman Lovett and Hattie Hayridge.
  • The Game Creation Software "Shoot-'Em Up Construction Kit" for the Commodore Amiga included an example game, "Blood'N'Guts" which sampled Queeg's "OK, suckers!"