Tongue Tied

Rachael is Arnold Rimmer's blow-up, inflatable sex doll, and something of a recurring joke in Red Dwarf.


Rachael's first and only on-screen appearance was in "Stoke Me a Clipper" (Series VII) at Rimmer's funeral, where she is said to be the closest thing to Rimmer's widow.


She may or may not be the same doll as "Inflatable Ingrid", a similar polythene pal mentioned in "Queeg" (Series II), whom Dave Lister admitted to seeing behind his back.

In "Dad", Lister finds Rachael in Rimmer's locker.

Rachael is first mentioned in "Timeslides" (Series III), when Rimmer is temporarily human and no longer a hologram he shouts, "Unpack Rachael and get out the puncture repair kit!"

Rachael's second mention is in "Justice" (Series IV), when at Rimmer's trial Lister is aksed by Justice World if anyone has shared moments of intimacy with Rimmer; Lister responds by saying "only one, but she's got a puncture."

When Legion makes Rimmer into a "hard-light" hologram in the episode of the same name (Series VI), essentially giving Rimmer a solid body again, Kryten says that he has a "puncture repair kit on standby".

Rimmer later denied that he was intimate with Rachael, saying that it was "a lot of half-truths blown out of proportion". Lister said that Rachael had been accidentally exploded when Rimmer left the foot pump in, and went to run a bath. ("Dear Dave" deleted scenes, Series X)