Tongue Tied

Captain Hollister reprimands Dave Lister in his office. The ship-in-a-bottle sits on the captain's desk. ("The End")

Inside the office of Frank Hollister - the captain of the JMC mining spaceship Red Dwarf - adjacent to the Drive Room, contained a miniature model of the eponymous spaceship, inside a bottle. It was located on the captain's desk, and was one of the more prominent features of the captain's office. ("The End")


In a flashback to Rimmer's death during the radiation leak in "Me²", Rimmer is seen accidentally smashing the ship-in-a-bottle as he falls to the ground, and whispers "gazpacho soup" (this is an obvious reference to the opening scene of the film Citizen Kane, where the title character is dying, smashes his snow globe and whispers "rosebud").

When the original crew were resurrected by the nanobots three million years later, and Red Dwarf was reconstructed, the miniature model of Red Dwarf in the bottle could once again be seen on Captain Hollister's desk. This version, much like the new and brighter office itself, had been recreated bigger than the original. ("Pete", Series VIII)

Many years later, Arnold Rimmer used a Quantum Skipper to explore The Multiverse. Eventually, Rimmer came across a dimension where, much to his horror, his underling Dave Lister was captain of the ship. Lister's office was identical to the original one used by Captain Hollister, including the ship in a bottle. ("Skipper", Series XII)



  • The Red Dwarf in-a-bottle is one of the more prominent features on the interactive menus on the Series VIII DVD.

Behind the Scenes

  • The ship-in-a-bottle was recreated for the Series XII episode "Skipper", and resulted in a "bit of a fight over who would keep it", according to graphic designer Matthew Clark.[2]


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